Book Review

Disciples of Trikaal

Disciples of Trikaal

Time Travelers series Prequel

Varun Sayal

Oct 2019

80 pages

Sci-fi Time Travel

Provided by Author


The cover of this little prequel is amazing and so appropriate for this book. This should catch eyes everywhere. Too bad it’s not for a longer book, cause this cover will sell books.

The story is just as unique as everything else we’ve gotten from this author. The influence of his Indian cultural background is evident and used very well throughout as is his mathematical education. This is the creation story and prequel for the Time Travelers series, which I have reviewed previously here and here. This sets the stage for what we read in the short stories and novels of the time-traveling novels of the series Mr. Sayal has crafted so well. I would have preferred that this were longer and had gone into a bit more of the stories of these two disciples locked together in their yin and yang roles. But what the author has provided is created with the precision of just exactly what we need to understand the past and just how much we need to whet our appetites to want more. Recommended.

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