Book Review

Minimum Wage Magic

Minimum Wage Magic

DFZ #1

Rachel Aaron

Narrator Emily Woo Zeller

Audible only

9 hours, 45 minutes/286 pages

Urban fantasy/dystopian



The cover is about perfect, but I only realized that after I listened to the book. Initially, when I looked at the cover I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I kept wondering who this cute little girl was. Well, this cute little girl needs a second and much closer look.

Opal Yong-ae is a young woman, a mage who is working as a cleaner to pay off a huge debt which is coming due very soon. She cannot default on the debt or she will lose her freedom. She’s taking risks, going for big scores to acquire enough money to pay off the debt in time, but fortune seems to be against her. She pairs up with another cleaner that she knows is rather dangerous but much more experienced and connected than she is to try for a really big score when her latest cleaning job turns up a dead wizard, a mystery, and a threat. This leads her on the adventure of her life and to places she couldn’t even imagine! In the end, her partner wonders who is more dangerous and who is more connected. This cute little girl is so much more than she appears. Yes, I recommend this adventure and I’m looking forward to her next one. I will probably do the next one in Audible as well since I really enjoyed Ms. Zeller’s efforts in this rendition. The voices were done very well. No confusion about when speakers changed or who was speaking. Good choices for voices and good pacing for Ms. Aaron’s little gem. Nicely done, Ms. Zeller.

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