Brought to you by the verb “to read

In the past, present, and future tense.

As in have been reading, are currently reading,

And might read next…or are considering reading next…

This is my variation on the meme done by others,

And very well, I might add.

Revivor of http://www.Wednesdays

What have/are/will you be reading? Link it here at and share your reading adventures with me.

Accreditation of the art is actively being researched 9/22/2019 jee

I have been reading…

Your Perfect Year by Charlotte Lucas which was very interesting with some rather unique twists to it. There were times when I absolutely hated the main female character, Hannah Marx. Her self-centeredness and then the way she acted after she got the Mustang just drove me crazy. She was a horrible person who wanted all of life to go her way and pitched a fit when it didn’t. She wasn’t grieving, she was having a major temper tantrum! But the diary that she wrote was beautiful and certainly led Jonathan N. Grief to lead a better life.

Recipe for a Perfect Wife by Karma Brown was very different from what I expected. It was a dual story of a 1950s housewife and a present-day housewife. The present-day one reads the cookbook and notes of the earlier one and reveals a strange twist.

Bells on Her Toes by ReGina Welling is book two of the Psychic Seasons series. Gustavia is one of the four young women from Rings on Her Fingers who helped Julie find her “buried treasure”. This time it’s more family treasure and Gustavia’s turn to find romance.

This Book is Gray by Lindsay Ward is a children’s book that I got from Amazon First Picks. It is due out December 1, 2019. It is really cute with its cartoon style artwork and color theory education. But it also carries a lesson on marginalization. I was very impressed by this little book.

I also read Blood Curse by Adrienne Blake, book one of her Misty Cedars – Vampire series. As well as book two in this series, The Necromancer’s Curse. I do hope the author continues this series with witches, vampires, and shifters. The first two books are really good.

Another book I read was Hair Raiser in Nancy J. Cohen’s Bad Hair Day series. And with that book, I complete my GoodReads 2019 Challenge of 150 books. And it was a good one to do it with, too. The second book in Nancy’s series is even better than the first one, I think. I like her hairdresser main character who is terribly independent and the local detective who really wants to protect her and gain a mother for his daughter. There are several other admirers who would like to scoop her up, but she keeps them all at arm’s length most of the time.

I am currently reading…

Still hoping to make some progress on In the Shadow of Salem.

What’s new in my stash…A Gathering for Claudette by Robert Fortune from KU. It’s 694 pages, so let’s hope it’s really good!

High Heels and Beetle Crushers by Jackie Skingley from NG, due to be released in December this year.

The Royal Rogue by Karina Halle referred by BookBub to KU.

She Shall Have Music by Regina Welling, book #3 in the Psychic Seasons series.

Bridge of Sighs and Dreams by Pamela Allegretto, a book I should have read a long time ago as she and I follow each other on GR and it’s right up my historical alley.

What’s new in your stash this week?

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  1. Judie, I have not heard read any of the books you have been reading, but it does look like you have done lots of diverse reading. I hope you continue to enjoy your reading this coming week. 🙂

    p.s. I have a black cat too! She is called Bonnie ❤

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