Book Review

Rings on Her Fingers

Rings on Her Fingers

Psychic Seasons #1

ReGina Welling

Amazon, Feb 2017

590 pages

Paranormal Romantic Cozy Mystery

Purchased for Kindle App


There are two sets of covers. One with seasonal trees and the one I have with the more celestial artwork. I really like the celestial set. They feel contemporary to me and these stories are contemporary. The other set of covers with the trees seems a bit old-fashioned for some reason, though I haven’t made a close study of them.

The story in this first book of the series not only sets up the whole series; but tells a wonderful full story of Julie, the first one with problems to bring the young women into a circle of close friendship. Julie had lived with her grandmother since her parents died. Now Grams is dead and Julie is on her own living in the house her great grandfather built. Julie is a photographer and is engaged to a young man named Logan. Grams hadn’t been particularly fond of Logan, but Julie was a calm and logical person and Logan and she seemed to work well together.

The old house was in need of some serious repairs that were going to be expensive and there was no family fortune to use to do that. Nor was there any lost family treasure that had ever been discovered, though it had been rumored to exist and been searched for over the years. And Julie loved the old house with all its personality. Logan was encouraging her to sell the old place, and she felt she would have to make a decision along those lines soon to please him.

Julie’s friend, Gustavia is a psychic and decides that Julie needs to meet her friend, Kat. Kat does card readings. When Kat does Julie’s reading something happens that’s a bit unexpected. Kat channels Grams and her great grandfather joins them. They want Julie to search for the family treasure. They give her some clues, but it will take Julie, Gustavia, Kat, and Amethyst (an aura reader) to convince her to really search. It’s not until Tyler gets caught up in the circle that things really get interesting and Logan gets “overexcited”. Continued visits from Grams and Julie’s great grandfather keep things interesting for the friends as over time each one gains the ability to see them. Tyler’s journalistic skills help them find out more about Logan and who he really is as it gets pretty exciting before the end. Yes, we do have a HEA here. The second book is Bells on Her Toes, which is Gustavia’s story. Yes, she really does wear bells! I can recommend book one and book two, which I will be reviewing. And I am soon to read book three, She Shall Have Music, which is Amethyst’s story.

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