Book Review

Bells on Her Toes

Bells on Her Toes

Psychic Seasons Book #2

ReGina Welling

Amazon Digital, Aug 2014

214 pages

Cozy Paranormal Romance

Purchased for Kindle App


There are two covers for this series, as I mentioned in my review of the first book, Rings on Her Fingers. I really like this more celestial set of covers, so I have gotten all my books with these covers. However, I did want to share a peek at the other covers with you, at least of this book. I’ll stick it in at the end for those of you who are interested.

This second book of the series is better than the first one. It’s not an introductory book. It has the luxury of already having characters in place and known. The locale is already set up and familiar to us, so it’s free to be a really good book, and it definitely is. This is Gustavia’s story. Gustavia loves bright colors and beads and bells and lots of braids and crazy things that most people just wouldn’t try to put together, but she does and she carries it all off with panache. And some raised eyebrows and quiet asides. She also has a problem with Julie’s wacko ex-husband. And family issues that keep churning things up. Tired of kissing all the frogs in town trying to find a Prince, Gustavia deals the Tarot and asks the universe to send her a true love. The Tarot says she already knows him. Huh? Who? Did she miss the introduction? Was she away from home when he dropped by to say hello?

Well, yes we’ve met Finn, too. He’s just your average widowed guy trying to raise his daughter and keep her safe. He’s attracted to Gustavia and her free-spirit, but that’s not what he’s looking for as a new mother for his daughter. He needs someone who has both feet on the ground and is sensible. His daughter is quite taken by Gustavia’s bohemian fairy-like look and free-spirited approach to life and just can’t resist the happiness she sees in her after losing her mother. Will Finn allow Gustavia to fill the needs he and his daughter have in their lives? Or will he play it safe and deny the love they’re both reaching for?

It’s not just a romance this time, either. We have another treasure hunt for more family goodies in Julie’s old house! Clues to find and follow and pitfalls to avoid along the way. And our ghostly helpers are back again! The pace and tension were perfect for this fun paranormal romance with its ghostly treasure hunt. I’m all set to read the next one in the series, She Shall Have Music. Recommended. I’d love to read other things by this author as well.

These are the two sets of book covers for books two and three of this series.

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