Book Review

Greta and the Giants

Greta and the Giants

Zoe Tucker

Zoe Persico, Illustrator

Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

19 Nov 2019

32 pages

Children’s Picture Books, Nature, Causes

Provided by Edelweiss


This cover is amazing. You see the title in the opening created by the trees and the two giants, then you glance down and are caught and held by those two passionate black eyes that are staring at you from that little face with the long braids. How can you resist those eyes? That face? Her appeal? Her passion?

The homes of Greta and the animals in the forest are threatened because the giants are continuing to chop down trees, too many trees. They are destroying the forest. Greta has an idea. An idea that starts small and gets bigger and bigger. An idea that young children can understand and relate to. Understand that they, too, can do something to make a difference.

The artwork is magical and works so well with the text that you really can’t separate it. The characters are expressive and colorful and reach out to you. This is definitely a book for early readers to enjoy and parents/grandparents to read to children over and over.  It’s destined to become a favorite in any house. What a wonderful gift to give, too! I highly recommend it!

There is information in the back of the book on how to get involved in Greta Thunberg’s fight to save the environment. And part of each purchase goes to the to help.

UPDATE: TIME Magazine named Greta Thunberg their Person of the Year for 2019.

One thought on “Greta and the Giants

  1. Great review, Judi! I agree with you that the artwork in this book is gorgeous. I really liked the fact that there were suggestions on what to do and then Greta’s words ‘No one is too small to make a difference ‘ are so inspiring!🤗❤📚

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