Book Review

Waters Edge

Waters Edge

Hannah Starvling Mysteries #1

Kee Patterbee

Amazon Digital, Sep 2019

Second publishing

266 pages

Thrilling Romantic Cozy

Provided by Author


There are several covers for this new version of Kee Patterbee’s book Waters Edge. I personally prefer the one I got on my Kindle version as it’s the most dramatic and artistic one, I think. The cover has a stunning picture that’s easy to see clearly, as well as the title in wonderful large letters and two colors, a subtitle, series, book #, and comments. And look, there’s still plenty of room for the author’s name in caps and nice and large there at the bottom. Not the top or in the middle. Not larger than the title of the book. Down at the bottom nice and neat. Kudos to Ms. Patterbee and her designer for this cover. I really strongly dislike covers that have the author’s name the largest thing on the cover, where the title should be. Okay, so you’re an award-winning author, you’re famous! I still want to know what the title of the book is. Show a bit of class and humility. Put the author’s name down at the bottom (okay, or at the top) in smaller letters than the title as Ms. Patterbee has here. And allow us to see the picture your designer has taken such pains to provide.

The story is a rewrite of the original first released in 2014 as Chef at the Waters Edge. Now I read that book and I read this book and I didn’t recognize them as the same story really. I mean, there were elements that were the same, but the author really overhauled this one and made it a much better story. This is a lively book with interesting characters that did interesting things.

The star of the book is the former FBI agent Hannah Starvling who goes “undercover” to try to discover who killed the TV star chef or was it an accident or suicide? Everyone is drawn into the mystery including the local Deputy Sheriff who finds himself as drawn to Hannah as she is drawn to him. Can they keep their distance long enough to solve the case?

This is a great beginning to a series and I really look forward to reading more of it. Recommended.

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