Book Review

The Royal Rogue

The Royal Rogue

Nordic Royals #4

Karina Halle

Oct 2019

268 pages

Contemporary Romance, Steamy Romance

Kindle Unlimited


The cover is mouthwatering, but not exactly what I would expect given the title.

The story is good. I really didn’t expect that much story given the fact that it’s a steamy romance. But the story in this is really quite good. The divorced Danish Princess Stella is doing quite well raising her daughter on her own. She’s not looking for another husband. But sex without strings can be interesting. And along comes Prince Orlando of Monaco, who’s been called the “Royal Rogue”. He’s great to look at and what comes out of his mouth is totally inappropriate when addressing a royal princess, even if he is a prince. But nothing seems to stop him or discourage him. Stella’s not sure when it happened, but her distaste turns to dalliance and dalliance turns to a possible disaster when the ultimate result comes about for them. Read how they go from insults to intimacy in this fourth book of the series. Then if you haven’t read any of the other, go read some of them, too.

The tension and pace are great, keeping the excitement high throughout the book. The author draws her characters well so that you get to know them and understand them and want more. I went right to the site and bought another book in the series. I recommend this book and the series.

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