Book Review

The Gilweean Gateway

The Gilweean Gateway

A Kaira Renn Novel #2

R.A. Lindo

Dec 17, 2019

299 pages

Fantasy Adventure

Provided by the Author


The cover is very attractive and surely eye-catching. And now we have a really good look at Kaira Renn, the star of the series. She looks a bit older than I had pictured her. And I had pictured her as skinnier, but that’s just what my imagination did with the descriptions. But I got the curls right and her little smirky smile, too. The eyebrow adds to the look.

The story brings Kaira, Guppy, and Adam into the swim of the flow of magic, which is now their world. Not knowing was decided to be more dangerous than knowing, so now they must learn about magic. And the first thing that must be established is whether or not their families are safe. Adam and Guppy’s mother is acting very strangely and she is being kept under observation to find out just exactly what she’s up to. In the meantime, Adam and Guppy are just as happy to be with Kaira’s family, her Dad and aunt. But there are other parts of Kaira’s family that are around that may or may not be safe or desirable. Can they be trusted around the children? Or are they too dangerous?

Kaira’s not sure about the relatives, but she’s sure about the magic. The beauty of it all and the creatures that live in it and are a part of it are absolutely wonderful. She gets to experience what it is to fly for the first time! And she learns her first lessons for using magic to defend herself. For magic is not just beautiful and the sooner the children learn how to take care of themselves in this dangerous world, the safer they will be and the sooner they can be of help to their elders. They are young and creative with new ideas and approaches, but mostly liabilities until they can take care of themselves.

This second book in the series really brings the children into the world of magic and gets them involved in what’s going on. They are finding magical artifacts to be put to use in their defense. And they are actually helping with some of the planning. This is a much more exciting book and active book than the first one with the whole cast of characters interacting, even bringing the two sides together to clash at times. The world-building is amazing with the ways of going from one place to another and then what the magical places are like. Just amazing. It makes for wonderful dreams after you’ve read it! I highly recommend this book and the series to those who enjoy fantastical adventure stories.

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