Book Review

Blood Curse

Blood Curse

Misty Cedars – Vampire Edition, Book 1

Adrienne Blake

Sep 2019

154 pages

Paranormal Sizzling Cozy

Kindle Unlimited


The cover is very dramatic and so cool with the graveyard in the background and the moon and clouds with all that golden magic swishing around. Oh yeah, and the lovely lady with the sword at the center of it all. Even the font is dramatic, nicely so.

The story is vampires against shapeshifters, since our heroine, Holly George, has been bitten by a master vampire and left for dead. She’s just not quite dead enough, so in three days she should arise as undead and want blood. The wolf she remembers from her death scene turns out to be something of a good guy, and terribly hot, shapeshifter, Noah. Noah’s determined to save Holly’s life and end the terrorized reign of this master vampire. To do this, he must keep Holly alive and find the right weapon to kill the vampire within 3 days. Their sizzling attraction for each other seems to slow them down and sidetrack them on their search for both the weapon and the vampire. If they don’t keep their hands and other body parts off each other, Holly may succumb to the need for blood before they can achieve their goals.

The characters were a bit on the light side as far as depth of personality at first, but they got better as things went on. Their interaction was good and the world-building was as well. The tension and pace kept me turning those pages right up until the end.

Then I picked up book two and kept on going! The character development got even better in book two. More characters were brought in to add to the cast with Holly and Noah, and I just feel that it had a strong feeling of a cozy series the way it was built on what happened in the first story but could have been separate. That’s why I called it a Paranormal Sizzling Cozy for genre classification. It has the vampire and shapeshifters for its paranormal aspect, and the hot attraction between Holly and Noah for the sizzling part. The cozy part is just the way I felt the books went together and the way the stories felt. I read lots of cozies and there is a certain feel in cozy mysteries. They don’t have the hard edge that you have in a regular mystery, even though people die and even run around with guns and such. There’s usually a location aspect to cozies, which there is in this series. The wolf has his territory and the vampire has invaded it. Think about the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs and the territorial aspects of those stories. There is the same thing here in Ms. Blake’s story and the way she brings it in creates the same feeling that one finds in a cozy mystery series like London Lovett and her Port Danby series where she uses the small coastal town of Port Danby and surrounds. Instead of a local detective and a florist with a romance, Ms. Blake has a shapeshifter and newly bitten soon-to-be vampire. Ms. Blake amps things up with magic and sizzling passion under a death sentence of three days, but the underlying structure is there. She just adds pizazz to the recipe. And it really is a good read, too. I’m done with book two, The Necromancer’ s Curse, which is even better than book one and I’m waiting to see what happens next with this series. It has great potential. I recommend it to those who like sizzle and magic.

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