Book Review

The Exception of an Earl

The Exception of an Earl

The Valiant Love Regency Romance

Deborah Wilson

Kindle, Jan 2020

689 pages

Historical Romance

KU for Kindle app

⭐⭐⭐⭐🌙 4.5

The cover is a complete disaster! All that pink, including the dress the young woman is unfortunately wearing. And the awful hairstyle. She’s not even a terribly attractive woman. What were they thinking when they put this one together? Well, I guess when there are over a dozen or so in a series, you start to run out of young women to use.

Good thing Ms. Wilson hasn’t run out of good stories to write! This one is really quite good, too.

Camilla wants nothing so much as for her father to love her and want to spend time with her. Her father lives with his mistress and their daughter. Camilla lives with her mother and older brother. To get her father’s attention, she wrote a book called The Good Father. Her father was quite pleased as it was a best seller and she became a famous best selling author, while people thought she had patterned the wonderful man in the book after her own father. However, the man was actually patterned on her brother, who is now responsible for her and is usually very kind to her. But it’s been some time since that book came out and she hasn’t been able to come up with a manuscript that the publishers will accept for print. She seems to have writer’s block. She needs inspiration, a muse.

Sir William Husher is a former soldier and a spy currently working for Duke de Vero. He is soon to become an Earl, but that is not commonly known, yet. Will is a deadly man and one often feared by men in society. How does such a man cross the path of an innocent such as Camilla?

In a dark shadow at a society party when she was stealing kisses from a young man for references for her writing. He scared her. He thrilled her. He caught her attention as no other man had ever done, all the way to her core. And she couldn’t forget him. The smell of him. The feel of him. The look of him. She had to have him for her muse. She had to learn all his secrets.

I highly recommend this book, close your eyes on the cover. I have gotten the first book in the series and intend to read more of them to see if they are like this one. I’m very hopeful as I really liked this one. If I could figure out how to put a cover on an ebook, I would.

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