Book Review

The Last Real Cowboy

The Last Real Cowboy

Cold River Ranch #3

Caitlin Crews

St. Martin’s, Jan 28, 2020

320 pages

Western hometown romance

Provided by Rep via NG


The cover is both attractive and appropriate for the book. Whose eye isn’t going to be caught by this great looking cowboy? And he’s half the story.

The other half of the story tries very hard to convince both her family and him that she’s an adult, which she is, and that he’s the man for her, which he is.

Two ranches. One, the Everett ranch with a hellion, drunk of an old man with three sons. The old man is now gone and it’s the three sons left. Brady, the youngest has come home for one year to help save the ranch. He has more modern ideas than his brothers of how to go about it, but they don’t want to listen, just like his old man. He sees the ranch as a dead end, a lost cause. But he made a promise.

The other ranch is owned by the Kittredges, Brady’s best friends are the sons. There’s also a daughter, Amanda. Little Amanda Kittredge. Good little Amanda Kittredge. Everyone from her family to the town folks thinks of her and even calls her that. In spite of the fact that she’s no longer 10 years old, she’s 21 and wants to be treated like an adult, a woman. She’s always had a crush on Brady, but she figures that’s going nowhere.

This being a romance, you know what that means. Brady’s committed to a year on the ranch and Amanda’s all grown up and trying to prove it. She takes a job and an apartment in the riskiest bar in town as a bartender. She wears stilettos and tight jeans and tank tops. Her big brothers have Brady “guarding” her to keep guys from hitting on her, but they don’t count on what watching their little sister will do to Brady’s libido. She teases and he gets hot…

Need I go on? This is a romance that’s off the charts! And a great way to end the Cold River series. Highly recommended.

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