Book Review

The Art of Deception

The Art of Deception

Peter Martin

Gumshoe, Mar 2020

287 pages

Psych Suspense

Provided by Author

Triggers: mental illness/bipolar, depression, alcoholism


The cover is not the least bit appealing to me, but it is totally appropriate to the story within the covers. Looking at it with the eye of an artist, it is quite well done and thought-inspiring.

Thinking back on the story I just finished, it is not the least bit appealing and I am going to have nightmares about it for a while, but trying to think of it from a review POV strictly, it is something of a masterpiece. This is not my kind of book in the least and I hope the author never contacts me again for a review of one of his books if this is typical of his writing. But I have to admire the artistry that went into the crafting of such a work.

The author has created a character who for almost the whole book I disliked and who disgusted me with her treatment of her husband and her attitude towards her in-laws and her pregnancy/child. She had no tolerance for anyone other than her father, who appeared to be something of a recluse. And yet, she was an extremely successful real estate agent, which requires quite a bit of personality and socializing. Angie. She is the focus of most of the book. Even when she wasn’t the character on stage, they were talking about her and what she was doing or could be expected to do next.

The twist doesn’t come until almost the end of the book, and even then the author suggests it might be another rather than who it really is. At this point, it borders on a horror story in its feel. I didn’t like the ending. It seemed too simple actually once I read it and thought about it. Not necessarily what happens, but the way it’s written. This is it?

If you are the type of person who can’t stand to read a book about people hurting people they love, then please, don’t read this book. If you like books about ill and/or unhappy people doing unkind/horrible things to people they are supposed to love, then this might be your sort of book. Recommended.

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