Book Review

Why She Left

Why She Left

Kenton Bartlett, Mar 2020

306 pages

Romantic Memoir

Provided by Author


I really like this cover. It is so simple, but is so attractive and really catches the eye. And it continues onto the back. I’d show you that, but I don’t have a picture of it to share. Sorry. But if you get the book and read it, you’ll see it for yourself. It’s cute, too. Good choice for such a book.

The story inside is not a story as much as it is the author’s complete regurgitation of his love life from first to last. Yes, I said his. A male author. Typically romance is written by female authors, but this one is written by a male, so it’s got a totally different tone than anything else I’ve read in the romance line. Though I really don’t consider this a romance. I really feel this should be put in the memoir category as it is his life that he’s recording and sharing with us. The sex is not graphic, but the emotions certainly are. Mr. Bartlett strips himself bare as he goes through each relationship, the good parts, and the bad parts. He admits what he claims as his faults and mistakes quite readily, more than any man I’ve ever known. Possibly more than is true actually, I think. You can’t be responsible for the way people respond to you. You can only control what you do and say. This is not a happy book. It is rather sad and a bit raw at times, but it is a rather good book. If you are interested in seeing love from a man’s point-of-view, and yes, this is a man who is really looking for love not just the next hook-up, then you might be looking for Why She Left. Recommended.

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