Book Review

Gone With the Rogue

Gone With the Rogue

First Comes Love #2

Amelia Grey

St. Martin’s Press, Apr 2020

290 pages

Historical Romance

Pub’s rep


The cover is great! It’s usually the woman who’s half undressed, but on this one, it’s the guy! I love the happy, relaxed looks on the couple’s faces. And I like the use of the blue and violet color palette for this, rather classy.

The story is the middle one of the three women who open the school for the sisters and daughters of the men who died in the sinking of the Salty Dove. Julia is busy being a proper widow and taking care of her young son. Garrett Stockton owns a shipping company and is in love with the sea. But the ton gossip would have it that he has a mistress in every port, with several in England.

As in the first book in this series, The Earl Next Door, he eventually talks her around to his way of thinking and it’s a really enjoyable journey getting there. The characters are well developed and interact very well. Ms. Grey has a way with these couples that really makes her romances fun and funny at times. Yes, they do struggle to get their HEA, but there are laughs along the way. The pace is brisk and the tension stays high in this one as these two seemingly mismatched individuals find their way to their own happiness despite what the ton may think. Recommended.

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