Book Review

My Favorite Memories

My Favorite Memories

Sepideh Sarihi

Julie Volk (illustrator)

Blue Dot Kids Press, May 2020

30 pages

Children’s book

Provided by Edelweiss


The cover is a bit on the pale side, but it matches the art inside the book. It has a dreamy feeling, which is appropriate for the subject of the book.

The story is excellent for anyone who is moving, but especially for a child who has to leave all that’s familiar and move to another country. What special things do you take with you? It all has to fit into one small suitcase. This little girl isn’t really into things so much as THINGS. Her best friend. Her favorite tree. The ocean. How do you fit these things into a small suitcase? How do you take these things with you?

In this time of quarantine/isolation when we can’t get to all our favorite places to see all our favorite things, this book is even more poignant than ever, even though we aren’t moving. How do we see our favorite things? We have to be creative and clever just as this young girl has to be when she and her family move to a new country.

The text and the art work well together and are done very well. It is fun as well as interesting to see this young girl work through this conundrum. Who knows, maybe she’ll give you some ideas on how to keep your own favorite memories. Recommended. For reading with young children or reading alone by young readers.

NOTE: Release date update – 08-18-2020

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