Book Review

When You Wish Upon a Rogue

When You Wish Upon a Rogue

Debutante Diaries #3

Anna Bennett

St. Martin’s, May 2020

336 Pages

Historical Romance

Provided by Publisher’s Rep

⭐⭐⭐⭐🌙 4.5 Stars

The cover blends well with the others in the series and is rather pretty. I do like the sort of foggy background so that things are only suggested. I also like the almost playful expression on the young woman’s face, as it really suits Sophie.

Sophie Kendall is in a tough situation. She’s the second daughter of a gentleman without a title who has gambled and drank away his modest fortune. Her older sister, Mary, had scarlet fever as a child and has been “sickly” ever since and doesn’t go out in society much. Her parents have arranged for her to have one last season and then she is to marry a marquess, Lord Singleton, a man with a large fortune and an eye for the ladies, especially Sophie. He’s agreed to pay off Mr. Kendall’s debts in exchange for Sophie’s hand in marriage. They don’t call it the “marriage mart” for nothin’! Poor Sophie has a difficult time even staying in the same room with the man when he comes to call on her. Yet he’s handsome, titled, and wealthy. What do you suppose is wrong with him?

It’s really probably not so much what’s wrong with him as his timing. He’s too late! She’s already been kissed by the man who makes her stomach flutter and her body tingle and her heart beat faster. And he’s an earl, so he has a title, too. Unfortunately, he’s got money problems of his own and he hates society, so he can’t rescue her and her family. But she’s sure going to try to rescue him! And fall in love in the meantime!

The season seems to fly by and Sophie’s deadline approaches all too fast, Friday night by stolen Friday night until they argue and the lovers part. The night of Sophie’s engagement party the two happen to overhear a very private conversation that reveals another secret and saves the day much to everyone’s confusion. Well, to society’s confusion, not to the readers. We understand what’s going on since we’re in on the secrets behind the scenes. This was thoroughly enjoyable, and I recommend this to all historical romance readers who like to see the lovers pull it off in the end!

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