Birth of a Baby Daddy

Birth of a Baby Daddy / Book Three of The Baileys / Piper Rayne


This is one of the best series around and if you aren’t reading it you are really missing out on the fun! This third book in the series starts out with a young, single woman from Seattle arriving in Lake Starlight (that’s Alaska) to locate Denver Bailey. She’d seen his picture and name in the news and she’d decided it was time to get some information. You see, she has a baby girl who needs her Daddy’s medical history, so she wants a DNA sample. Denver Bailey is one of nine Bailey siblings, in fact he’s one of the male twins in the family. There’s also a set of female twins; but this book deals with the two guys, Denver and Rome Bailey, a pair of tricksters if I ever saw one.

Don’t miss the bonus chapter for an extra-HEA. And do be sure to read the next book, Falling for My Brother’s Best Friend. That’s Liam and Savannah’s story and it’s the best!

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