Book Review

Journeys Through Faladon

Journeys Through Faladon

The Titan Divide

The Ruinsong Order

Forge Fiction, Jul 29, 2020


Provided by Author


The cover of the book is outstanding with the eyes of the creature and the staff exploding with its icy power and the flames in the far background. The type used for the title was the perfect one for such a book.

Unfortunately, the book just doesn’t live up to my expectations. When I think of epic fantasy, I think Tolkein, Sanderson, Martin, Jordan, and such. I do not think of this childish tone that races through more fight scenes than you can possibly imagine as if in fast forward almost as if we were running through the funhouse at a circus. And even for an ARC it has a ton of proofing to be done here only 6 days before its release. The fact that it was written by 40 writers is seen in the inconsistency of the quality of the writing of scenes. Some of them I could actually see where I was going rather than flying at warp speed. The world-building was terribly original, so much so that I had no idea where I was, what sort of creatures anything was, or what type of weapon anyone was fighting with. I felt like I had no point of reference for anything. There was no day or night that I know of, nor did they ever eat or sleep that I noticed. The big stone guy didn’t need to, so I guess everyone else just had to tough it.

GoodReads says the Kindle edition is 450 pages. I was sent a mobi format copy, which is for the Kindle app. It says it’s 245 pages, but I only read 131 of them. I got tired of the crazy comic strip storyline and the fast forward way it was told. I’m sorry this is not something I can recommend. Perhaps this would work well for a graphic novel done with anime artwork. I think the pacing would work well for such a format.

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