Book Review

The Call from the Wenlands

The Call from the Wenlands

A Kaira Renn Novel #4

R.A. Lindo

Pub Sep 10, 2020

277 pages

YA Fantasy

Author via BookFunnel


The cover is another stunner. I took a real close up look at it and the artwork is marvelous. Kudos to the artist. I also took a moment to look back at all of the books together and see how Kaira has aged. It’s done very well. It’s evident that she’s now growing up into the role she’s taking on in the storyline. Very nice.

The story this time takes our young magic users, Kaira, Guppy, Jacob, and Conrad, out past Sad Souls where all is gray and the giants live on their latest quest for another piece of the Terrecet. This journey they will deal with things they’ve never dealt with before, including the death of someone that was very close to them, almost like family. Kaira’s father has to deal with his daughter not only facing these dangers, but also growing up, maturing. Kaira and her young friends have decided that they are fighting for beauty and unity. They find a particularly simple but effective way to teach the adults just what it means at one point without saying a word.

We also see a possible return of Kaira’s grandfather, Isiah, who has always felt that to stay safe from dark magic you had to know what it was and understand it, which got him banned. I think we’ll see more of Isiah in book 5 as the tale reaches its culmination. And there seems to be a possible young romance blooming. I’ll be looking for that in book 5 as well. If you haven’t read the first books, definitely do so. The story builds with each book. This fourth one just came out yesterday, September 10, 2020. I highly recommend it and the whole series.

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