Book Review

The Mistletoe Murders

The Mistletoe Murders

A Gracie Andersen Mystery #6

Laurinda Wallace

Nov 2018, 202 pages

Cozy mystery

Book Bub


The cover was seasonally appropriate, but not totally exciting for me. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, so I don’t know what the typical cover looks like. I’m sure they’re a bit more exciting.

The story was good enough to catch me up and draw me along until the end before I knew what might be missing. In other words, It was good enough for me not to nitpick as I went along and I had to think about it to find any real faults with it.

The characters were pretty good. Gracie, Marc, and Marci were, of course, the most fleshed-out of the characters as they were the primary ones. Marci’s trying to open a travel-themed B and B. Gracie and Marc get caught up in solving the mayhem that strikes when Marci invites the top travel world’s celebrities to view her opening. Of course, there are all sorts of secrets among the group of celebrities that start being revealed once they all arrive and rubbing elbows. The spite and venom flow along with the champagne right from the beginning no matter how polite they appear to be. The author added in all those little quirks that bring characters to life and give them personalities, that make them real. The dialogue was great. The pace was brisk and the action just flowed. I think I may need to read more in this series. Recommended. Happy Holidays!

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