Book Review

Ten Rules for Faking It

Ten Rules for Faking It

Sophie Sullivan

St. Martin’s Griffin, Dec 2020, 320 pages

Contemporary Rom-Com

Provided by Pub via NetGalley


These illustrated covers are here to stay, I guess, so I will have to get used to them. I will say, the title of the book is typically the main event on these covers, which I really like. Also, when they portray characters from the story they attempt to do them the way the author describes them to some degree. And this one uses my blue! That’s always a plus.

This book hasn’t gotten great reviews, which I read before I read the book. So, I was a bit leary about reading it. But, it was time and I was committed. Initially, it was a little bit difficult to get involved because the first scene in the book is so chaotic, plus the main character has severe anxiety disorder associated with social gatherings (more than 2 people). It is explosive and hard to keep track of who’s saying what. Once I got into the book and was more comfortable with the characters, I went back and re-read that first scene and it made so much more sense.

The main love story was so sweet and innocent and strung out over the whole book. The dating games were well done, too. There were so many volatile relationships in this story. I can see how these people ended up the way they were. There were also some extremely strong friendships here, the kind that last a lifetime.

The author’s treatment of anxiety disorder was outstanding. The busyness of her mind, the overthinking of situations, the caution, and fear, as well as the physical symptoms that go along with it. It’s easy to describe the physical ones, but to write how busy a mind is as it spirals into a panic attack outside a restaurant…that was amazing. I found myself needing a cool drink and a few minute’s break after that. And the list-making was wonderful! Totally recommended!

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