Book Review

Secret Nights With a Cowboy

Secret Nights With a Cowboy

Kittredge Ranch #1

Caitlin Crews

St. Martins Press, Dec 2020, 394 pages

Hometown Cowboy Romance

Provided by Pub via NetGalley


Whoever that cover model is, I hope they paid him VERY WELL, because he’s what’s going to sell this book. He’s steamy! And the photographer did a perfect job of catching that in this picture.

This was one surprise after surprise after surprise. Of course, some of them you could see coming, but some of them were clear out of nowhere. The characters are carryovers from another of Ms. Crews’ series and she fleshed them out very well as so many of them are already established in the area of Cold River, CO. The plot was good, but the writing made things drag out a bit at times so that I almost found myself setting it down. But I stuck with it and it was worthwhile. One thing I really liked was all the family relationships. The way all those siblings really looked out for one another, even when it didn’t appear that way. They, of course, get their HEA. This is one I can’t tell you much about without revealing too much. Recommended.

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