Book Review

The Princess and the Rogue

The Princess and the Rogue

Bow Street Bachelors #3

Kate Bateman

St. Martin’s Press, Dec 2020, 334 pages

Historical Romance, Regency

Provided by Pub via NetGalley


This is the third book in this series, and it looks to me as if the printer is running out of ink for the covers. The backgrounds are getting decidedly vague. It makes the cover look only half-done. And as much attention as was shown to how this man took such care in his wardrobe and what he provided for her to wear, I think this cover should have been much better. I’m disappointed.

The last of the Unholy Trinity finally get hitched! She’s the Russian Royal Princess Anastasia Denisova AKA Anna Brown hiding out in London’s Covent Gardens district and Mayfair as companion to a Duchess. He’s a war hero, part-owner of a gambling hell, the Tricorn, and Bow Street Runner, Sebastian Wolff, Earl of Mowbray. These two would never meet, right? That’s what I wrote in GoodReads before I did my full review and I promised to explain. Well, here it is…

…they meet at Charlotte’s place and he offers her 500 for the night! She says no, of course. She’s dressed as a lowly companion, not as a princess, and yet, he’s totally taken with her. She’s quite affected by him, as well, but she won’t give in. She’s a respectable companion to a Dowager Duchess and she’s in hiding. So how do these two get to their HEA? Well, it’s quite a journey. They need 1 attempted kidnapping, 1 successful kidnapping, several rescues, a man back from the dead, 1 confused priest, a possible priest, a few superstitions and traditions, 2 tiaras, more sapphires and diamonds, Mickey, Charlotte, Elizaveta & Oliver, Ben & Georgie, Alex & Emmy, Dorothea, and a map pin. Oh, they need the villain, too, but I can’t tell you who that is. That would be giving everything away! Recommended.

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