Book Review

Wolf Kiss

Wolf Kiss

Warrior Wolves Series, Book One

Christine DePetrillo

Pub 2017

Paranormal Romance


5 Stars 🌟 

This book has a great cover. It’s not done in flashy, eye-catching colors, but the artwork is great and the use of each item and arrangement is meticulous. And there is nothing cutesy about it. Kudos to Wicked Smart Designs for an excellent cover.

This book starts out in historical times, back when soldiers still fought with swords and spears. We meet a man, Reardon, who can turn into a wolf. Reardon is a large man with black hair and beard and green eyes. Usually he and his mercenary army win, but this time they were beaten badly. Without asking, he turns his four top men into wolves as they sleep, making them super soldiers, killing machines like himself. This angers his goddess. The next thing we know we are meeting wild animal vet, Parker, and keeper of a wolf preserve, Brandy, as they race off following the howl of an injured wolf. They find a massive black wolf with intense green eyes caught in a trap. 

What does it take to appease an angry goddess? Comic books for strategy. A 10-year-old for a cheering section. A mother for keeping everyone fed. A wolf pack in need of an Alpha. A goofy Omega to help the Alpha to chill out fast. Determination. And Love. 

But will Reardon and Brandy survive to enjoy it? They get separated. He gets leashed with a gold leash. Brandy is forced to try to kill him. Dylan is missing. Chella isn’t herself. Parker is totally freaked out. Brandy is passed out. But this is totally Recommended!

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