Book Review

Her Renegade Cowboy

Her Renegade Cowboy

Moving Violations #3

Lora Leigh

St. Martin’s Press, Sep 28, 2021

334 pages

Western Romance

Provided by Author’s rep


The cover will draw plenty of women in to read this one. That lovely specimen of the male gender is mouth-watering. Sorry, I know that’s sexist, but he’s supposed to attract that sort of attention, that’s what he’s there for! I like the moody sky they provided for his backdrop, too. It adds tension to the picture, and there certainly is tension in this story.

The man is Levi Roberts and the woman in the story is Lily Donovan. There’s tension between them from the beginning, as soon as they laid eyes on each other at the ranch. Levi is working on the ranch for Lily’s cousin, but he has a secret he’s keeping from everyone for now. His other job. The one he can’t tell anyone about.

Lily is a second grade teacher at the local school and she has a secret, too. Only two people in town know her secret, her sister and her cousin’s wife. And they’ve kept her secret. She’s dealing with the trauma of what happened, so she thinks, but then there’s a crisis she’s not going to be able to handle. She’s going to need help from the very people she turned down last time. Now, she’s gotten close to Levi and she’s afraid he could get hurt, too. Can she outrun the trouble and pain? Can she keep her loved ones from getting hurt? Can Levi catch up with her before she gets herself hurt? Can Levi reveal his secret before someone else tells her? Can Levi keep her safe? Can she save herself?

The story line is great and the writing is good. The characters are well written, but while the sex is hot and steamy, there is some distance that seems to permeat them all at times. It’s as if they’re yelling at each other from the next room sometimes rather than standing there speaking face to face. Not sure what causes that, but it’s there at times. I feel like I should read another in this series to get a better feel for it. This isn’t the first time I’ve read this author, and I know she’s a really good writer. Recommended.

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