Book Review

A Cowboy Kind of Love

A Cowboy Kind of Love

Heart of Texas #6

Donna Grant

St. Martin’s Press, Apr 2021

281 Pages

Western Thriller Romance

Provided by Pub’s Rep via NetGalley


The cover works for me. A ranch, a big blue sky, and a cowboy in a stetson. It’s nothing exciting, but it does the job.

This is the last in a series called Heart of Texas. The group of men who are all in legal or military groups and friends who live in this relatively small area one by one get their women.

This is what I wrote on Good Reads when I read it the first time in May when I gave it a 5 star rating.

“Donna Grant has done it again! Taryn disappeared without more than a brief text 5 years ago and Jace has spent those years missing her and falling apart. His buddies have tried to keep him together and sober for the most part, but he’s coming to a breaking point. Now Taryn’s back and she needs help, but she has to explain where she and her family disappeared to 5 years ago before some of the guys will put themselves out there. With half a million bucks on the line, that seems reasonable. Taryn doesn’t want to tell them who because he’s the worst of the bad guys, but he’s still got her little sister and she only has until midnight tomorrow to get back with the money.

A bit of suspense, a bit of love, and some action, too. Find out who the undercover agent is and who the older nurse is who helps Taryn. Recommended.”

I still give it 5 stars after reading it again. This is one of those romance thrillers where the romance side really balances out the thriller side very well. And it’s because while the action is all about the hostage sort of situation with Taryn’s younger sister, the steamy love affair between Taryn and Jace is so intense right from the first glance that it stands up to all that other stuff. You never once forget that this is a romance. They have memories of the beginning of their relationship and they have a few quiet moments as well as some steamy sex. What they want most is just to be together again for the rest of their lives with everyone they love safe. There is a nasty twist towards the end of the book that makes part of that happy ending a bit sad, but for the most part, they do get their HEA. This is a great ending to a really good series. Recommended-book & series.

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