Book Review

Home for a Cowboy Christmas

Home for a Cowboy Christmas

Donna Grant

St. Martin’s Press, Oct 26, 2021

319 Pages

Holiday Romance, Western Romance, Contemporary Romance

Provided by Pub’s Rep via NetGalley


The cover shows a ranch at Christmas and a real cowboy carrying a saddle over his shoulder. This could be either Dalton or Dwight. Somehow, I think it’s intended to be Dwight, though this isn’t quite how I pictured him in my head as I read the story. The eyes are wrong. The rest of it would certainly work, though.

The primary story in the book, Home for a Cowboy Christmas, is very good. I don’t know the realities of witness protection or the marshall service, but I would think that if things went to h3ll during the lead up to a trial and a witness was compromised and in danger, this might be what could happen. This one marshall, who can’t be bought, takes off with the witness and keeps her safe. He stashes her someplace that he feels is totally safe. Then he hunts the assassin who’s been sent to kill her. It makes sense to me. My apologies to the marshall service if I have this wrong.

An isolated ranch out in the middle of nowhere Montana owned by a former military, former FBI, and former Homeland Security guy just might be the perfect place to hide. Especially if he has a great body and piercing blue eyes. Toss in a goofy dog who likes to cuddle for good measure and I’m sure it’s the place. Dwight is the protective sort. And Emmy needs to be taken care of after what she’s been through and still has to do. She still has to survive to testify at the mobster’s trial. Two lonely people on an isolated ranch in a tense situation. Both have their fair share of good looks and attractive body parts. Now what could possibly happen on a ranch between two such people? Sure enough, they develop feelings for each other and have hot, steamy sex. Just a note here…this is an old ranch house that has been updated over time. The bathroom in the master bedroom has a huge shower with a rain shower head and two side shower heads. Yes, there is shower sex. I said hot and steamy! It sure beats the chase scene in the blizzard with the assassin. The ending is predictable, but that’s what HEAs are. Recommended.

BONUS Short Story: Wish Upon a Cowboy by Donna Grant

This short story is amazing in its depth considering the brevity of it. Cowboy Zane rescues city girl Cady from a winter blizzard. Trapped in his small cabin for a few short days at Christmas gave rise to a very passionate connection. Two such seemingly mismatched people find common ground. Would love to see this made into a full-length novel. Recommended.

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