The Sunshine Blogger Award:

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Megha at DelightfullDiscoveries where she blogs about food, books and a little bit of everything else that’s important to her. She also blogs about developing apps for Android platforms on a second blog and is in the process of developing an app. That’s one of her... Continue Reading →

Limabean Designs

Limabean Designs now has a Premade Cover Group. Beautifully designed premades in all different genres. Seasonal sales are offered. If you are in need of a cover, look no further! All covers made with love! Send a request to be added to the group. 10.13.17

Mr. Easley’s Class has a New Book to Read

Last school year Mr. Easley's class read The Westing Game. I read it with them and reviewed it here on my blog. I also put some of the kids' comments at the end of my review.  This school year, the class is starting out with When Zachary Beaver Came to Town by Kimberly Willis Holt.... Continue Reading →

100 Pages, no less…

I would just like to make authors and reps aware that Blue Cat Review will no longer accept manuscripts of less than 100 pages for review, not even as prequels to series. Such prequels will be read in conjunction with the first book of the series if you want them reviewed and should be provided... Continue Reading →


  I think life might go back to normal sometime soon, so I'm sitting down with a book this afternoon to read. I'm ever hopeful, aren't I? Well, check back with me on Monday to see if there is a book review here. If there is, then life is getting back to something like normal... Continue Reading →


Sorry I haven't had book reviews for you this week, so far. I am in a bit of a crisis situation and am hoping to be back with y'all very soon and posting my reviews as usual. In the meantime, check out the blogs that I follow that are listed on the sidebar down on... Continue Reading →

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