How to Request a Book Review

Thanks for choosing a thoughtful reveal for your book review site. When you place your review here, you receive an honest review of your book on this site plus several other sites. There is a list of these sites below.

To request a review, please email me at with the subject line REVIEW REQUEST. Please include the following:

  1. Title, author, publisher, and pub date of your book
  2. Synopsis and number of pages in your book
  3. The date you need the review posted by
  4. If you aren’t the author, who are you?

I will review your information and decide whether or not your book fits my reading tastes and schedule. If so, then I will ask you to send me a mobi format of your book via Kindle widget, Book Funnel, or email. I only read in ebook format. Once I have read your book and done the review, it will be posted on my sites. I do not notify authors or reps of postings. If your book is an ARC, I will post as close to your release date as my posting schedule will allow. I am currently posting reviews on Mondays and Fridays.

a thoughtful reveal on Word Press is my primary blog site
  1. a thoughtful reveal, too on Tumblr
  2. Judi Easley on GoodReads
  3. @judieasley on Twitter
  4. Judi Easley on Facebook
  5. Judi Easley for Blue Cat Review on Amazon
  6. A Thoughtful Reveal on Pinterest  
  7. I also post to, Google Books, Book Bub, and Kobo, if your book is there.
My preferred genres are any type of romance, any type of fantasy, cozy mysteries, memoirs/bios of women, women’s lit, and poetry. NA is okay, no YA, please.
I am adding Children’s Books to my line up. Not middle grade, just Children’s Books.
NO horror, abuse of animals or children, please. I don’t mind thrills, but I don’t like chills or anything that’s going to give me nightmares or keep me awake.
Requests that do not use this format do not get read, so please be sure to start with the subject line as requested above and follow this format.
Thank you, Judi