The Resistance Series

The Resistance Series By Tracy Lawson Spark 28 pages, prequel, Nov 2016, Teen/YA Counteract 186 pages, book 1, Oct 2018, Teen/YA Ignite 282 pages, book 2, Oct 2018, Teen/YA Revolt 269 pages, book 3, Oct 2018, Teen/YA Resist 240 pages, book 4 (final), Oct 2018, Teen/YA Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook (except the prequel, which is only in Kindle format) Provided, Author Sci-fi Dystopian YA ✭✭✭✭⭑ The covers... Continue Reading →


Resistance #1 Tracy Lawson (GoodReads Author) Lawson Publishing, Aug 25, 2015 Kindle ed, 194 pages, also in paperback and Kindle Audible Genre(s) debut novel, dystopian sci-fi romance, YA Source Author Other books in this series: Spark prequel, Resist #2, Ignite #3, and Revolt #4 Synopsis:  Who do you trust when your world unravels and everything... Continue Reading →

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