Sweetwater American

Eileen Cruz Coleman Self-published,2010 Kindle ed, 282 pages Genre(s) Interracial, Cultural Source Author's rep Synopsis: Sandy is young, smart, and attractive, and as an aspiring film student at a prestigious university in Washington, D.C., she seems to have everything going for her, including the attraction of one of her young, handsome professors. But Sandy also... Continue Reading →

Beneath the Skin

The Skin Quartet series #1 Zara West The Wild Rose Press, Jun 2016 ebook, 251 pages, also available in paperback Genre(s) Contemporary Romance, Legal, Mystery, Interracial, Thriller, Debut Novel Source Author Other books in this series: Close to the Skin #2 Synopsis: Ex-Olympic wrestler and reclusive billionaire artist Aristides Stavros has one mission—to rescue his... Continue Reading →

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