The Rise of the Ameedis

The Rise of the Ameedis A Kaira Renn Prequel R.A. Lindo Kindle only, Mar 2019 97 pages Fantasy ✬✬✬✬⭑ The cover is quite eye-catching with the electric blue and black and only the figure of whom I assume is Casper Renn, the terribly concerned father, still mourning husband, and defensively prepared son. Casper Renn had... Continue Reading →


Circleborn The Broken Circle, Book 1 Nicholas Stephenson Jul 2015, 121 pages YA fantasy, Magic Purchased ✭✭✭⭑ The cover is unassuming and yet perfect for this book. A young man who looks perfectly normal against a background of an abstractly shattered circle. That about sums up the whole story. Ryan Faraway looks perfectly normal but... Continue Reading →


Her Warlock Protector series #9 Hazel Hunter Allure Press, May 2017 Kindle ed, 206 pages Genre(s) romance, paranormal, magic Source Author's newsletter Other books in this series: #1 Dominic, #2 Sebastian, #3 Logan, #4 Colin, #5 Vincent, #6 Jackson, #7 Trent, #8 Matteo Synopsis: A sexy warlock who’s also a doctor. You’ll love his bedside... Continue Reading →

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