The Emissary

The Emissary The One Great Year Series, Book 1 Tamara Veitch & Rene DeFazio Waterside Press, Oct 2018 200 pages, Kindle, paperback, audiobook, audio CD Urban Fantasy Provided by Authors ✮✮✮✮⭑ The cover is subtle but attractive. When I first saw the design, I thought of an old quilt pattern called Orange Peel. However, once... Continue Reading →

The Prophesy of Shadows

The Elementals, #1 Michelle Madow Dreamscape Publishing, Jan 2016 Kindle, 309 Pages Also available in paperback, audiobook Genre(s) YA paranormal fantasy, mythological Source Author's newsletter Other books in this series The Blood of the Hydra #2, The Head of the Medusa #3, The Portal of Kerberos #4, The Hands of Time #5 My Disclaimer: I... Continue Reading →

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