Blood and Mistletoe

Blood and Mistletoe When I call this quirky fantasy, it's partially because of the cover of the book and partially because of the content. Ms. Stevens writes about a psychic detective, Ivy Grainger who can tell things by touch. It's called psychometry. She also has a degree of second sight. And Ms. Stevens mixes in... Continue Reading →

I Smell Smoke

The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files, #2 Craig Halloran Two-Ten Book Press, Mar 2015 Kindle, 201 Pages Also available in paperback Genre(s) Paranormal Source purchased at current price Other books in this series Smoke Rising #1, Where There's Smoke #3, Smoke on the Water #4, Smoke and Mirrors #5, Up in Smoke #6, Smoke Signals #7,... Continue Reading →

In the Cards

The Novels of Aviario, #2 Angela D'Onofrio Self-Pub, Sep 2016 Kindle, 256 Pages Also available in paperback Genre(s) Paranormal, YA, Source Purchased Other books in this series From the Desk of Buster Heywood #1, The Proper Bearing #3 (not available yet, I'm hoping for a cover reveal soon!) My Disclaimer: I purchased a copy of... Continue Reading →

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place

NorCal Shifters, Books 1-6 Annalise Nixon Self-Pub, Jan 2016 Kindle, 338 Pages Only in digital format Genre(s) Paranormal, Menage a Trois Source Author's rep My Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book. I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own. I am not being compensated... Continue Reading →


Her Warlock Protector series #9 Hazel Hunter Allure Press, May 2017 Kindle ed, 206 pages Genre(s) romance, paranormal, magic Source Author's newsletter Other books in this series: #1 Dominic, #2 Sebastian, #3 Logan, #4 Colin, #5 Vincent, #6 Jackson, #7 Trent, #8 Matteo Synopsis: A sexy warlock who’s also a doctor. You’ll love his bedside... Continue Reading →


An Origin Novel #2 Scarlett Dawn Self-pub, June 2017 Kindle ed, 226 pages Genre(s) dystopian, paranormal, sci-fi, urban fantasy, romance Source Author Other books in this series: Trigger #1, Torment #3 (Sep 2017) Synopsis: The bestselling, groundbreaking Origin series continues with Transcend. Women are disappearing in New City, and the Corporate Army assigns their best... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s News

Yesterday's Paranormal Mysteries #1 Sam Cheever Electric Prose, 2017 Kindle ed, 171 pages, also available in paperback Genre(s) cozy mystery paranormal, ghosts Source Author's newsletter Other books in this series: Threads of Yesterday #2, Yesterday's Ghosts #3 Synopsis: Antiques can be a dangerous business. Especially when you're dealing with a desperate politician, a sexy ex-cop,... Continue Reading →

Wicked for Hire

Paranormal in Manhattan #1 Lotta Smith (GoodReads Author) Self-pub, Apr 2016 Kindle ed, 123 pages, also in paperback Genre(s) Cozy Mystery, Ghosts, Humor, Romance Source Author's Rep Other books in this series: 2. W is for Wicked 3. Wicked Little Secret 4. Wicked of the Christmas Past 5. Sweet Wicked of Mine 6. Wicked and... Continue Reading →

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