Pretty Monsters

Six Degrees #2 R. Kitt Self-pub, 2017 Kindle ed, 77 pages Genre(s) YA, Urban Fantasy Source Author Other books in this series: Macaria #1 Synopsis: 15-year-old Haylee Keese has recently come home from her all-girls school to start at Hawkins High, her brother Hayden's school. 18-year-old Devon Radshuck is finishing senior year with his best... Continue Reading →


Six Degrees Book 1 R. Kitt (GoodReads Author) Kindle ed, 82 pages, May 27, 2017 Genre(s) urban fantasy, YA, romance, paranormal, Source Author Other books in this series: Pretty Monsters #2 Synopsis:  Macaria doesn't feel human until she's forced out of Hades, by her own father. Adam has no idea that his life is about... Continue Reading →

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