Carve Me A Melody

Music Box Romance, Book 2 Rachelle J. Christensen Peachwood Press, May 2017 Kindle ed, 431 pages, also in paperback Genre(s) Historical Romance, WWII, Faith Source Purchased Other books in this series: The Soldier's Bride #1 Synopsis: World War II has ended but the scars of the war have carved deep grooves in Sophie Wright’s heart.... Continue Reading →

The Soldier’s Bride

A Music Box Romance Rachelle J. Christensen Self-pub, 2016 Kindle ed, 284 pages, also in hardcover Genre(s) historical romance, women's lit Source author's rep Other books in this series: Carve Me a Melody Synopsis: As WWII ration cards and battle scars become commonplace across America, it seems to Evelyn that even love is rationed out.... Continue Reading →

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