Book Review

The Other

The Other

By Marilyn Peake

January 2018

129 pages, ebook only



I was provided a copy of this book by the author. This is my honest review for which I am not being compensated in any way.

The cover is outstanding. It really catches your eye with that lovely blue and the city with spaceships overhead! The story is pretty good. The grubbing Ph.D. is after the info from the inside on the Roswell cult. The scrambling young women whose adopted mother just died of ovarian cancer is looking for her biological mother. That just happens to be the Ph.D. The scientist from the future needs something from the young woman and can help both women from the past. She creates a bridge between the past and future. The pace is pretty fast and the tension is pretty high throughout.

And here begins the reveal…

Cora Frost Ph.D. is a woman who has left behind her life and thrown herself into her work to forget. All she cares about is getting the story on these two people from the future, Paloma and Zander. She’ll do almost anything to get inside with them, even things she may not be too proud of. She’s headed for fame.

Paloma has been being chased all over the universe and has recently lost her partner, a friend. After a brief time to recover from the shock, she’s back in the time continuum with a new partner, Zander, looking for a way to save the future of mankind. The search has brought her to Roswell, NM.

Jade Whitaker was a barista but has recently taken a new job working with Archer-Knight Hoarding Center helping people who are hoarders cope with their situations. Her adoptive mother has died of ovarian cancer and her adoptive father is in a bit of a fog. He provides her with her birth certificate so that she can search for her biological mother, who is listed as none other than Cora Frost. Jade has been having worsening right lower quadrant abdominal pain. With her adoptive mother’s death, she feels it’s important to know her biological mother’s medical history. With the pain becoming quite severe, Jade talks her way into Roswell to Dr. Frost, who immediately tries to brush her off. She really wants nothing to do with her and has been ignoring her incoming phone calls. Until Jade explains what she wants and why and then collapses in agonizing pain. Paloma steps forward at this point and takes over.

Paloma examines Jade and discovers a vestigial twin on Jade’s ovary. She removes it surgically and asks if she can keep the cells for the future. These cells are exactly what she and Zander need to save the future of mankind. Apparently, Cora had been a twin as well. Her twin’s name was Crystal. If Jade had been a twin, the other girl would have been named Sapphire. From the cells retrieved from Jade, Paloma creates two transparent stones. One with Crystal’s hair and one with Sapphire’s hair. They were the “bridge between the past and future of the entire human race”. Cora, having spent time with Jade now, offers to let Jade work with her on her project. The mother and daughter have created something of a bond.

So, is it the other twin, the other time, or the other mother? Which other do you think it is?


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