Book Review

Ivory Apples

Ivory Apples

Lisa Goldstein

Tachyon Pub, Sep 20, 2019

288 pages


Provided by Edelweiss


The cover is delightful and definitely gives you the feeling of this book. It’s magical and its best magic happens in a garden.

The story is twisty, almost like a mystery. You start out with what seems like an innocent story, then you get caught up in an escape act with Ivy, who is the primary character and in whose mind you seem to spend your time. After awhile Ivy remembers her sisters and the nanny and returns to find out what has been happening back at home. What she finds and what happens from there comprises some really rough twists and some amazing changes in all their lives.

While Ivy and her sprite have been off having their adventures and causing havoc in the wide world, what has been happening back home? To her two younger sisters who are still in the care of Kate Burden? To their house? To Great-Aunt Maude? To the garden? To the magic? And what will happen when magic makes its decision? You do know that you can’t force magic to do things your way, don’t you? Magic always makes its own decisions about where it goes and who it goes with.

For some magic can be a reward, but for others, magic can be a punishment of the worst kind. I highly recommend this magic fantasy. In my mind, it’s a woman’s tale, maybe because so many of the characters are women and there’re the garden and the apples. Things that I associate in such abundance with women. Also because there is such a feminine feeling to the book, though nothing says that a man wouldn’t enjoy the story just as much as I did.

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