Book Review

One Last Stop

One Last Stop

Casey McQuiston

St. Martin’s Press, Jun 2021

Contemporary romance/ SciFi/ Time Travel

Provided by NetGalley for review

3 Stars

I liked the plot of the story, it was the characters that drove me crazy. August is a virgin who seems to have never learned how to talk about her feelings or to relate to people at all really. Her mother used her as a research assistant all her life, so it’s not really a surprise. None of the others seemed to be too sure of what’s going on in life either. I found them all to be more than a bit ditzy, constantly drunk or high, often totally unruly. More than once I wanted to DNF the book, but it was from NetGalley so I had to read and review it. Okay, so what can I say that I liked about the book?
I liked the relationship between Jane and August. The author allowed it to develop slowly, naturally. I had to laugh about August’s saying the kissing was for research purposes. That was cute. I liked the way they were so open to each other. The ending was predictable. I was hoping for something a bit different, some sort of twist. I’m very disappointed since this was a book I was really looking forward to as I really liked her other book, Red, White and Royal Blue. This was a very popular book with most readers, but it just didn’t do it for me.

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