Book Review



Elemental Hearts #3

By Jayelle Morgan, Jan 2018

282 pages, ebook, paperback

Paranormal romance


I received this book from the author who always lets me know when she’s finished with her newest book because she’s just that way! This is my honest review for which I receive no compensation of any kind.

And here begins the reveal…

The cover tells you that the book has explosive things happening and that the romance is hot, which it is.

The story is great. I love the way the two of them, Micah and Jade face off right from the start over the campsite, neither one willing to give an inch of ground. Literally on opposite sides of the campfire. They fight throughout the book over the slightest infractions of space, imagined or otherwise. Each is so on alert. For Micah, he has to guard against the Chaolt. He knows they will find the portal and slip through. He knows that Jade has a power that will attract them and they will drain her if they find her. Whereas Jade is trying to find enough crystals of high quality to be able to put her mother in a quality nursing home that will take care of her for the rest of her life. Her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and Jade is her only support person. Being a teacher doesn’t give her the income to take care of her mother very well, and she worries about her all the time.

The pace stalls between the work at the claim and all the tension there between the two of them and the Chaolt and when Jade is at the nursing home with her mother going through memories of her father and mother at their claim. I had a hard time making my mind transfer back and forth. I got pulled into the nursing home scene and almost didn’t want to go back to the more vital scenes with Micah and the mountain. Also, there were times when I wondered if Jade wasn’t getting a bit nuts when she was digging for crystals the way she was talking to herself. Maybe obsessed is a better word for it.

I love the magic that Micah has that connects him to the earth, finding crystals, creating the crevasse, redirecting the landslide. Their connection is a golden thread and his eyes turn golden when their connection is complete and he needs her. He shows her the Earth power and shares everything about himself with her. Then he sings for her. That is his gift.

The tension suffers from having two peaks – the explosion at the mountain and then the baby. To a group of people who aren’t supposed to be able to procreate (Warriors are supposed to be sterile), Brooke’s baby is something of a miracle. Micah even sings for it. It will be interesting to see what the author does with that line as the baby grows.

Highly recommended.

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