Book Review

Red, White, & Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal Blue

Casey McQuiston

St. Martin’s Griffin, May 2019

425 pages, Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Contemporary Romance, LGBTQ Romance

Provided, NetGalley


The cover is cute, almost cutesy with its Barbie- doll pink background. The red, white, and blue lettering are effective. But the best part is the two figures leaning against the word BLUE. The one on the left obviously Alex, the First Son, and the one on the right, HRH Henry, the Prince of Wales. It was enough to catch my eye and interest and make me want to look into reading the book.

The story is really good. Two men in highly visible positions on the world stage suddenly find themselves in a situation that the world doesn’t typically find acceptable. But their feelings lead them to a point that they are willing to override the accepted standards and attempt to forge a life for themselves. Their attempt drags palace and White House security and publicity personnel into the mix as well as the Queen and the President. In the midst of an election, some nasty sabotage is uncovered, but can the campaign survive this sex scandal by the two young “royals”? Can the two young men survive the scrutiny of the eyes of the world?

The characters, primary and secondary were written very well. I loved Alex and Henry, the First Son and royal prince. Nora, VP’s daughter, and June, Alex’s sister, were willing to do anything to help. They realized how hard relationships were for the offspring of public figures. I absolutely adored Alex’s father! He’s so cute with all the Mexican food and bunk beds, and then the political support later on to his former wife from his position as a Senator.

The pace was great. There were parts that you just hung on and let your eyes race along the lines of print to keep up with the action as the two young men tried to outpace security and paparazzi. Then there were the times that you shared the morning quiet and coffee and had a chance to catch your breath, the tension always thrumming in the background waiting to pounce with the next incident.

Reality is suspended for the time it takes to read this book. I don’t know if the royal family would ever allow such a thing to be made public. Probably not in my lifetime. The White House probably wouldn’t make it such a public display either. I don’t think the ease with which Alex accepted this change in his sexual identification would have happened quite so painlessly. He simply thinks back to some events in his earlier life and seems to accept it as a given that he is bisexual with no angst or difficulty. I haven’t been through this myself, but I don’t think it’s something usually accepted quite so easily by most people. However, this is a book that is on the light side and very entertaining. It is not meant to delve into the difficulties of being gay or accepting being bisexual. It is focused on the relationship between the two young men and the situation. It does its job excellently if all you read are their emails! I really must give it five stars for a job well done! Highly recommended no matter which side of the pond you are on.

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