Book Review

She’s Missing

She’s Missing

K.E. Heaton

Kindle, Jan 2019

228 pages

General fiction, Mystery

Provided by Author


The cover is an actual photograph, which is not my favorite type of artwork for a cover. And it is rather awkward looking with all that dark green at the top and all that light gray at the bottom. The picture used really doesn’t tell you anything, either. I think it’s supposed to be the younger daughter as she was last seen going for a run, but as a cover, it really has little impact.

The story is dark and twisty right from the beginning. The two sister’s, Susie the older, and Sally the younger, have never gotten along well mostly due to an imposed jealousy caused by the mother’s extreme preference for her older daughter. This caused severe rivalry between the two girls from a very young age that lasted all their lives. Sally became known for her outrageous and extreme behaviour not just in her family but in town and around. This caused more and more frequent conflict and violent confrontations between the girls as they got older. Their personalities seemed to go to the opposite extremes. While Susie was all light and sunshine and well liked by people, Sally was dark and secretive and had only one real friend. But with her parents’ strong preference for her older sister, who could possibly be surprised that she would turn out the way she did? Acting out to get any attention she could get, good or bad.

A lot of time I felt like I was stumbling around in a dark room in this one. I had no clue who did it until the ending with the ta-da! Another twist of many. This book is full of twists, maybe because so much is dark and unfinished feeling with this one running out of this conflict and that one going her own way and the parents not really paying attention. There weren’t many nice people in there, either. Almost everyone was out to get even or make someone pay for something.

A bit more hard mystery than I usually read, but I would recommend this to readers who like the family problems-type mysteries. This one certainly has family and problems and mystery galore! Recommended.

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