Book Review

Upcoming Release April 20th

Maggie Finds Her Muse

Dee Ernst

St. Martin’s Griffin, April 20, 2021, 304 pages

Provided by Pub via NetGalley

Contemporary Rom-Com


I absolutely loved this book! Maybe because I’m not a young thing, I can relate to Maggie’s whole situation better. Work isn’t going well, your relationship is trashed, you’re tempted to go back to an old reliable guy, but there’s this new, exciting one that almost scares you. Somehow he just makes your heart beat faster, you feel prettier, sexier, even the sun is brighter. When you’re with him, life just goes your way.

Maggie’s got a deadline to meet and the book isn’t even started. So her agent drags her off to Paris to write. Out storms Greg, in strolls Alan, in strides Max, Solange with Jules, Nicole and Louis, a storm of texting, a possible postponement, and a media contract. With all of that, how’s a woman supposed to pick out which beach she wants to buy a house on! Read this wonderfully charming romance to find out how this romance writer meets her deadline and gets her HEA. Recommended.

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